Dog Emergency Kit


Get your dog(s) prepared for an evacuation in the event of a fire. While there are usually resources available for emergency assistance, there aren’t usually many for our pets. But, no one gets left behind. We recommend this dog go-bag as an addition to your own emergency kit.



Take your dog with you when you evacuate using this bug out bag. We like it for its inclusion of the nylon rope and anchor as well as the comfort toys for your dog. Each of those items makes having your dog in a new environment much easier to handle.

Emergency Zone Dog Survival Kit: Deluxe Bug Out Bag

Amazon Product Description

  • NO ONE LEFT BEHIND: our pets are more than just animals, they are family. Most people know they should have an emergency survival kit for themselves, but when a disaster strikes what about your furry family member? Make sure you are prepared to protect EVERYONE in your family.
  • PHYSICAL NEEDS: a good deal of human food is poisonous to dogs, and access to water can be very limited during a disaster. In this kit, you will get food, water, an emergency blanket, and many other items to help meet your dog’s physical needs.
  • SECURITY: like people, animals get scared. Having things to distract your dog can help put them at ease in an unfamiliar environment. Included in this kit are toys and comfort items. There is also a stake and 50-foot nylon braided rope so you can let your dog run around, while not having to hold his leash.
  • CONVENIENCE: instead of running around trying to gather what you can for your furry little loved one, we have conveniently complied the essentials that your dog will need in an emergency. There is even a carrier for your small dog to help bugging out be a breeze.
  • FIRST AID GUIDE BOOK: in addition to first aid supplies, we also provide a guide book to help you prepare your pet. In it you will find useful information about additional items you may want to add to this kit, basic first aid in case you need to treat an injury, and how to create an emergency plan.

What do you do when you get your dog emergency kit?

After you get your emergency kit, add to it. You’ll also need to make sure you have your dog’s vet records, especially their vaccination history. Many pet-friendly lodging choices require this kind of documentation before allowing a pet to stay in their facilities. Exceptions are usually made in the event of a natural disaster, but it’s better to be prepared.